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  1. visiomode_logo.png
    Visiomode: An open-source platform for building rodent touchscreen-based behavioral assays
    Constantinos Eleftheriou, Thomas Clarke, V. Poon, Marie Zechner, and Ian Duguid
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2023


  1. currie-2022.png
    Movement-Specific Signaling Is Differentially Distributed across Motor Cortex Layer 5 Projection Neuron Classes
    Stephen P. Currie, Julian J. Ammer, Brian Premchand, Joshua Dacre, Yufei Wu, Constantinos Eleftheriou, Matt Colligan, Thomas Clarke, Leah Mitchell, A. Aldo Faisal, Matthias H. Hennig, and Ian Duguid
    Cell Reports, May 2022


  1. dacre-2021.png
    A Cerebellar-Thalamocortical Pathway Drives Behavioral Context-Dependent Movement Initiation
    Joshua Dacre, Matt Colligan, Thomas Clarke, Julian J. Ammer, Julia Schiemann, Victor Chamosa-Pino, Federico Claudi, J. Alex Harston, Constantinos Eleftheriou, Janelle M. P. Pakan, Cheng-Chiu Huang, Adam W. Hantman, Nathalie L. Rochefort, and Ian Duguid
    Neuron, Jul 2021